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Remembering Art Olympics

On March 17th, 2007 the first Art Olympic Theatre was held at the Mattress Factory.  After receiving funding from Sprout, the event traveled to the Union Project, PCA, Market Square and the New Hazlett Theater.  I’m thinking of bringing the event back to Pittsburgh with a new format that could include more audience participation and more hot glue than ever!

Installation Olympics

*Participants for the first event included Tavia La Follette, Atticus Adams, Stephanie Mayer-Staley, Larry Bogad, Ben Kinsley, Kazuki Eguchi, John Peña, Robin Hewlett, T. Foley, Jesse McLean, Carolyn Lambert and Thad Kellstadt.  Heather Pesanti, John Morris, Owen Smith and Bill O’Driscoll were the official judges.  Mike Cuccaro and I officiated the event.  Liz Hammond, Larry Rippel and Dianne DeStefano helped to produce the event along with MF staff.

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