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I held a bulldog on a leash.  I watched an artist light a painting on fire with gunpowder.  I was nearly asphyxiated by the chemicals in his studio.  The smell didn’t seem to bother him.  I tried to visit galleries in Downtown Pittsburgh but they were closed.  I looked into the window of one and saw some random items on a blanket on the floor.  Traffic in the city was a nightmare.   A bus forced me to make a right turn (instead of a left) directing me toward a roadblock that I did not remember.  I sat in the Beehive and drank a couple cups of coffee.  A lot of old friends were there.  I recognized an actress from some local plays sitting at a table next to me.  I wanted to say hello and tell her that I had seen her performances, but that would have been awkward.  I walked down East Carson Street and stopped for hot roast beef sandwiches with some friends.  I looked around the old Brew House and wondering if the place would ever be filled with activity again.  A door was collaged with some old baseball cards from the 1980’s.

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