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Brew House Studio 2005

This was my studio at the Brew House, a non-profit artist co-op located on the South Side of Pittsburgh.  Below are some photographs of the space from 2003 –  2005.  I was creating puppet shows, paintings, drawings and lots of kinetic sculpture at the time.  To get to the studio, I had to take an old freight or passenger elevator. (depending on which one was working)  The window looked out on a dilapidated wall of rusty pipes in a corridor of the 1890 brewery building.  To visitors, I probably seemed like the Sebastian character from Blade Runner, living in an old industrial structure with a bunch of puppets!

This was the “kitchen” area.








Puppets and props.


Below, the spice rack.  The yellowed paper on the wall was a list of

Duquesne Brewery employees that I discovered in the room.








My puppet group completed the show Perseus, Medusa and the Magic Frisbee in the space.  The hour-long production involving ten puppeteers, four voice actors, two musicians and twenty puppets was featured at the Black Sheep Puppet Festival in 2003.









I constantly thought the place was haunted.

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