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Ohio Valley Halloween

Here are some pics from my annual Halloween drive around the Ohio Valley.  My sister Nicole usually drives and I jump out of the car when I see an interesting display.  I wanted to go back to get some night shots at the red brick house, but the display mysteriously disappeared several days before Halloween.  I’m guessing that neighbors complained, as the arrangement was pretty gruesome. My favorite displays always make use of household items like aluminum foil, old clothes and Heavy Metal posters.

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performance stills

I transformed an ordered world into an oozing mess of fluids, plastic bottles, and shredded packaging materials in Digestion, a 45 minute performance at Future Tenant Gallery, Pittsburgh.   During each of two performances, I circulated through a wooden “body” structure, dragging items along and cleaning my path.  Here are some stills from the first performance on September 16, 2011 taken by Kevin Clancy.  Digestion was included in the exhibition Your Place at the Banquet.

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I stopped by Conneaut Lake Park near the end of the summer on my way back from Lake Erie.  The park used to be a major regional amusement center. Over the years some of the rides have been shipped off.  Structure has slowly deteriorated.  Locals take pride in the legendary rides that have survived, including the Blue Streak and Devil’s Den. The park is still open through October for special events.








































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