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I encountered a grown man talking into a lobster microphone.  It was a big red lobster attached to a megaphone.  He told me a story about his mother’s talent for portrait painting and awarded a stranger with nice shoes a pot of yellow flowers.  She seemed baffled by the gesture.  After that I purchased a package of tapioca starch for seventy-five cents at the Asian grocery.  The stuff works great for making paper-mâché.  After running into the man with the lobster I didn’t feel so strange carrying around a couple puppets in my computer bag.

While driving home, I noticed a sign for the fifty-two million dollar lottery prize. Buying a ticket was tempting, but I only had twenty-five cents left after purchasing the tapioca.   When I arrived, I watched MTV Cribs for about five minutes. A man was sitting on an outdoor toilet facing the ocean on a private island in the Bahamas. I turned off the TV and made some campanelle with tomato sauce.

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