Sarver’s Fishing Report Part 1

Over the past two years, my work has gravitated strongly towards projects that directly engage the public. I also aim to seek connections between art and everyday activities. In Part I of Sarver’s Fishing Report, my two great interests, art and fishing, have come to a crossroads and sparked a new project, a video piece on fishing in Pennsylvania as seen through the eyes of an artist. In working on the video, I discovered an interesting group of people with a variety of backgrounds and interests. I plan to continue work on the project and to release an hour-long piece in 2009.

Part I of Sarver’s Fishing Report

11 Minute video, 2008

Tom Sarver – Director, camera, editing
Liz Hammond – Camera
Jeremiah Johnson – Camera
Susanne Sarver – Music

Thank you – Anglers of North Park Lake & Hereford Manor Lake, Officer Furlong of The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and North Park Sports Shop.

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One response to “Sarver’s Fishing Report Part 1

  1. I didn’t know fish wore stockings! Wow!
    Just kidding. Does anyone want my Ugly Stick outfitted with a Shimano Sedona? It’s unused in my basement.

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