TMTV – From the archives – Global Warming performance 2005

In 2005, my performances began to happen in front of the puppet stage as I began to experiment with performance art. This project happened over a weekend at the annual Art All Night event in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Lawrenceville. The piece contained a model of the Arctic Circle (made out of a mound of ice) and a model of the Amazon. (made out of vegetables) Throughout the night I made cartoons of politicians and big business executives negotiating ways to modify trade policies to maximize company profits (at the expense of a healthy environment). As that was happening, the model of the Amazon was slowly getting chopped down and the Arctic melted. The water from the melting ice flooded a small model city. The chopped down rain forest of veggies was stir fried and made into appetizers for the executives as they planned to create housing developments on the barren forest site.

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  1. rose

    Impressive performance, Tom. I wish I could turn back time and see this performance in person — all 16 hours of it! (Do you have more footage?)

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