Planet of Slums

Since I’m back in Pittsburgh after a couple years in the NYC area, I though it would be good to start this blog back up again.  I’m going to review a few of my recent projects and write about shows that I visit.

I just installed a kinetic piece at Mason Gross Galleries at Rutgers.  The piece titled “Snakebird” explores themes of apathy, greed and denial in American culture relative to the rise of world slum populations.  The exhibition, titled “Planet of Slums,” after the book by Mike Davis, is curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud and LaToya Ruby Frazier.  The show runs October 6 though October 23 and features photography, film, video, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and installation work by over 20 artists.

I made the piece by chopping up a lot of pieces that I no longer cared about and reassembled the fragments adding illustration inspired by newspaper editorials and opinions that I collected on blog sites.

Snakebird, 2010


Art exhibit puts spin on definition of ‘slums’

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