Oil Spill Response

I submitted this piece to the Visual Response to the Gulf Oil Disaster show curated by the Foster Collective at Landslide Gallery in Chicago.  (July 23rd through August 13th 2010)  The show required artists to create responses to the oil spill on gas station paper towels.  I think this was a great idea.  The Foster Collective did a fantastic job of covering the event on their blog.


The show now travels to the Flying Monkey Art Center in Huntsville, AL.   (Saturday October 16th from 4-6pm at The 2nd Floor Connector Gallery in The Flying Monkey Arts Center.  Show runs through November 3rd.)


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2 responses to “Oil Spill Response

  1. cathy

    i put a piece in this show, too- -yes, great idea- like your piece that you submitted–can’t make out the text- am interested in what it says——good seeing more artists putting some social commentary in their work–plenty of ‘inspiration’ for it out there!

    –so tapioca starch is good for papier mache- thanks- i usually use flour & matte medium or weldbond glue–really like those puppets

  2. tomsarver

    Thanks Cathy
    Some text in the piece:
    During the worst ecological disaster in US history, it was business as usual in many towns.
    Wall Street Trader: Americans won’t mind the spill much, as long as gas prices stay put.
    Oil Industry Scientist: Oil is naturally leaking into the Gulf everyday. The sea life is used to it.
    Where was the Power of Home Depot in time of crisis?
    As oil gushed, a former president consumed 35 pounds of potato chips.
    Millions of gallons of dissolved pharmaceuticals leave our bodies and enter waterways.

    Tapioca starch (small amount) needs to be added to water heating in a saucepan. Whisk until the mixture turns into a semi-translucent glue. It might take a few tries to get it right. let it cool a while before using.

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