Here are some shots of my solo exhibition at SUNY Purchase College from May 2010.  The title of the show was Queasy.  Within the show, I utilized sound, sculpture, installation and video to explore hypochondria and related anxieties.  In future posts, I will write about how the show was informed by current & ongoing world events.




















Inside of room.  Shadows on the wall are cast by a hand-forged scalpel blade that dangles in and out of a small hole in the ceiling.  Scalpel (attached to a motor) dips into a hole in the ceiling once a minute, surprising people inside.  Surround sound mix blocks out all outside noise.  Sounds are a mix of nature sounds, industrial sounds, and human vocalizations.  Room is 6ft tall, 12ft long and 4ft wide.  Room leads to a cloth-walled, tumor-shaped enclosure.

















A doctor’s table and survival kit are displaced from the sterile office room.  Table is rickety and unusable.  A hand-made pair of scissors rests on top.  Survival kit contains an odd mix of random items.  A nearby video demonstrates a toxic bath.





















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