This show was über-slick and more pretentious than I thought it would be.  My favorite piece is the functional public shower by Derk Volmuth.  The piece invites an array of thoughts ranging from social taboos to class issues.  It speaks to passersby.  It is hilarious and inviting.  I’m planning to take a shower there this week.  In regards to the theme, I was expecting to see a bit more chaos and improvisation.  Bill Daniel’s Tumbleweed Connection is a collection of found artifacts and personal photography narrating the artist’s travels as “drifter” in and anarchist, off-the-grid America.  In presentation, this work is missing the grittiness that I would expect in such a display.  The Guffey Hollow installation gives me the impression of a hipster design studio branding a new product.  It seemed kind of silly to me, as it didn’t connect to the historical reference in a meaningful or provocative way.  Overall, the show is worth a look.  I would suggest bringing your own shampoo, towel, and shower shoes just in case.

Things That Float at PCA

It was hard to get a good look at everything at the opening for this show, but what I saw was impressive.  Greg Witt has constructed a clever array of sculptures utilizing electrical gadgets and everyday materials like drywall.  One of the pieces, a giant machine with operational drywall gears, shimmies and wobbles in manner that is both seductive and unnerving.  (Someone next to me at the opening mentioned feeling seasick in the room.)  The work is far beyond “emerging artist material.”  I hope it travels to Chelsea.

Also Downtown….I wish there were more galleries beyond the Trust’s conglomerate.  At least they are consistent in offering clean, well-staffed spaces.  The Forest Through The Trees by Deanna Mance and Maria Mangano is worth visiting.  Mangano’s installation of grasshoppers is my favorite for this show.  (A great blend of craft, printmaking tradition and innovative concept.)  If you are looking for some interactive entertainment, Wood Street Galleries has a fun sound installation up through December 31st.

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