Five Alive










Figure 1. Base of sculpture stabilized with rocks.


Five Alive took place from May 20th through June 5th, 2010 at Monya Rowe Gallery in Chelsea.  It was a group show with my four colleagues graduating from the MFA program at Purchase College.  The show was curated by New York curator Omar Lopez-Chahoud, who selected a variety of work. (including a few remnants, sketches and experiments that he picked during his studio visits) Monya Rowe Gallery is a small 2nd story walk-up, but it is situated in a great location, and I like the raw look of the space.  Fellow exhibiting artists included Neil Dvorak, Scott Daniel Ellison, Merav Ezer and Rachel Wiecking.













Figure 2. A selection of some of my drawings & sketches.














Figure 3.  My work included a video, sculpture, paintings and works on paper.
















Figure 4.  My sculptural paintings were scattered in the gallery, sometimes in awkward places.












Figure 5. Painting













Figure 6. This wall sculpture was placed near the ceiling.













Figure 7.  Wall sculpture. (drawing by Neil Dvorak on back wall)











Figure 8.  Installation shot including survival kit. (work by Weicking, Ezer and Ellison in far background)

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