Fishing Report Part II

Well, I’m back to blogging after a long holiday break.  I finally got around to condensing my Fishing Report documentary from 2009 into a ten-minute sample.  The full version is about 40 minutes long.  I cut out a lot of the scenic footage, and chopped the interviews down to give a basic idea of what the piece is about.

For those who are unaware of the project, the Fishing Report is a project that combines my interests of fishing and art into a documentary that explores the creative side – traditions, craft, rituals, etc. – of fishing.  The piece was screened at Sarver’s Bait and Tackle, a storefront installation featured at the 2009 Three Rivers Arts Festival in Downtown Pittsburgh.  The project was also supported by the Pittsburgh Foundation and the Mattress Factory.  I shot a lot of the video myself, but also had assistance from Jeremiah Johnson, Rose Clancy and Mike Cuccaro.

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