Art Olympics Winners Announced!

Art Olympics champions, Nathan Curtis, Elizabeth Rudnick, David Zak and Craig Freeman.  Photo copyright, Larry Rippel.

Art Olympics champions Nathan Curtis, Elizabeth Rudnick, David Zak and Craig Freeman. Photo copyright, Larry Rippel.

Craig Freeman and team crowned “Masters of 2015 Art Olympics.”

On Saturday, August 29th at 6:30 PM, Artist Craig Freeman and his team, the Commission for Cosmic Craft Transmission, were declared winners at the Art Olympic Festival in East Deutschtown, Pittsburgh. Rounding out Mr. Freeman’s team were artists Elizabeth Rudnick, Nathan Curtis and David Zak. The team members, who are also skilled art installers at some of Pittsburgh’s most prominent galleries, exhibited focus and ingenuity in repurposing the random junk provided for the contest. Their science fiction theme included the use of screen-printed costumes with a flying saucer logo and team abbreviation, C.C.C.T. Their performance involved attempting to contact extraterrestrials with the intention of petitioning for a living wage for Pittsburgh artists. An antenna was raised and their plea was answered by a supportive signal from the beyond.

Also exhibiting strong showings at the Olympics were Hyla Willis, with teammates Ryan A. Murray, Felipe Garcia-Huidobro and Hannah G. Thompson and D.S. Kinsel with teammates Daryl Collier, Anqwenique Wingfield and Julie Mallis. Ms. Willis and team invited audience members to participate in the creation of inflated plastic sculptural forms, some of which became props for catching the wind. Mr. Kinsel and his team, representing the Garfield art studio Boom Concepts, explored the Black Lives Matter theme. Their performance culminated in a multidisciplinary display of operatic voice, sculptural form and symbolic gesture.

Judges for the competition included Erika Johnson, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Center For Creative Reuse, multidisciplinary artists Christiane D and Maritza Mosquera and Wayne Younger of Cityview Church. Teams were rated in various categories including: creative use of materials provided, following the rules, adherence to team artist statement, aesthetic quality of the final product, and the performance element during the two-hour long event.

Developed by Pittsburgh artist Tom Sarver, Art Olympics features three teams of Pittsburgh artists competing over two hours to build winning sculptures out of random junk materials. The high-energy, reality TV-inspired event allows visitors to get up close and see the art making in progress. Previous Art Olympic events have been held at the Mattress Factory Museum of Art, the Union Project, Market Square during the Three Rivers Arts Festival, New Hazlett Theater, and Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.


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