Life in the Big Cities

1999 – Twelve years ago in Pittsburgh.  I was as knowledgeable about puppetry as I as was about mechanical engineering.  For the first Black Sheep Puppet Festival, I built life-sized puppets out of inch-thick plywood.  Music was a mix of Sonic Youth, Pixies, Talking Heads and contemporary jazz samples that I captured with a tape recorder.  The only smart move was making the giant snake out of foam core.  The plot was ridiculous.  (Most likely comparable to an episode of Beverly Hills 90210)  The following year, I found help in recording original music.  Puppets evolved into lightweight creatures with movable parts.  The plots became more complex.

I recently converted my documentation of the show. (from VHS!)  Above are a few stills.


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4 responses to “Life in the Big Cities

  1. rose

    The puppet on the left in the second photo has been keeping me company in my office for a couple of year’s now and you’re right, he IS heavy — and he’s armless now — do you still have the arms?

  2. tomsarver

    The real heavy ones are the life-size puppets. No more arms. It needs some restoration work.

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