Tom Sarver Art

East Ohio Street, 24″ x 18″ Pen & Ink, 4-8-2020.

After several months of engaging in a process that involved sketching out my drawings on site, I have begun working from photographs. Photography has been part of the process all along. I’m continuously taking pictures as I research new sites. I also take photos while drawing to document people or things that move quickly through my field of view. The change will allow me to try some larger studio pieces.

East Ohio Street is a busy commercial thoroughfare in the Deutschtown (East Allegheny) neighborhood on the North Side of Pittsburgh. Aging shops are interspersed with a few new boutiques and ethnic grocery/restaurants.  The neighborhood has been home to the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival and the annual Deutschtown Music Festival

Isaly’s was a popular deli and food brand from the early 1900’s. A handful of their locations still exist, as does their Pittsburgh-famous chipped-chopped ham. 


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